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HOME WHAT WE DO ABOUT CONTACT Reap the benefits of having a visual record of your live event, festival, conference or launch to use as a promotional tool that captures the atmosphere and essence of your organisation. These recordings could be edited for DVDs to be sold to the general public as well as used as a marketing tool for publicity. Event Video We can provide an Introduction to Video Preproduction Course for interested Youth, Active Age and other such groups that can be tailored towards the groupís requirements giving them the confidence to prepare and produce their own small projects. A follow on course in Video Production, which includes modules ranging from HD camera operation to editing, can also be planned around the groupsí needs. Media Training Groups and organisations involved in Heritage, the Environment, local History and local Amenities, are using video to document their work on a specific project or piece of work. These videos record the groupís achievements and discoveries and are shown at exhibitions and talks as well as being sold as DVDs to the general public. They often prove to be a useful tool when pitching for further projects and or funding. Documentary Video Corporate videos are the ideal promotional tool for any business or group in the process or launching or re-branding their organisation. Many businesses use promotional videos as an integral way of reaching their target audience with tailored information about their products or services as well as being sent out to media outlets with press releases. Visitor attraction centres have also realised the potential of video as an audiovisual tour and as a great way to market themselves to a global audience online. In-house training and safety videos have also become fundamental in many organisationsí internal staff communications. Corporate Video next previous new! Online Store Businesses, organisations and groups are realising the importance of having their own Website, Facebook page and Twitter account, but often struggle with trying to include relevant and informative content that will engage those who visit their sites and pages.  Adding video content to your website or social media page gives you the opportunity to tell your story in a creative, engaging and informative manner. Your marketing strategy could be enhanced by an online advertising campaign (produced and aired at a fraction of the cost of employing an ad agency) while simple product demonstrations and client testimonials prove to be some of the most popular online videos. Web Video